Instant Messaging & Collaboration Tools

Modern businesses rely on great internal communication. By equipping your employees with instant messaging and collaboration tools provided by Computer Repair in Tyler, you can help make sure your employees have the ability to communicate ideas, get real-time feedback, easily share files, and more.

Improved Communication

With an internal instant messaging service, employees can communicate more freely and respond to each other more quickly than they can by walking down the hall or drafting what often feels like a more weighty formal email. Some situations still need the structure that email provides, but there are also many times each day where a quick reply chat-like reply works as well or better for quick answers and gathering timely feedback from coworkers and decision makers.

Instant messaging is also great for brainstorming and longer running conversations too. It can be surprising at how much friction can be eliminated by being able to bounce ideas back and forth in real time.

Great for Multiple Offices

An internal instant messaging system can connect your employees across a hallway or across town. In addition to ideas, an instant messaging system can also be used to share files back and forth quickly and easily. Many find communicating with instant messaging less distracting than making a phone call or having to write up a professional sounding email just to send over the latest revision of a document or graphic.