Backup & Disaster Recovery

As the saying goes, the question is not if but when your business will suffer a critical computer failure. At ETV Software, we can help you guard against downtime and data loss with a range of on-site and off-site backup solutions.

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On-site Backup Solutions

Your first line of defense against data loss is a solid on-site backup solution.

Depending on your business needs, this backup solution might come in the form of anything from individual backup drives attached to each of your workstations, to a dedicated backup server creating snapshots of your data automatically.

We can help you assess your backup needs and find you a solution that works best for your business.

Off-site Backup Solutions

Having on-site backups is a good first step in protecting your company’s assets, but keeping all your data in one location still runs the risk of losing everything. A storm or fire or even something as simple as a busted pipe could destroy your live and backup data all at once. What’s more, some of today’s more advanced viruses will actually seek out connected on-site backups and try to infect them as well.

The best backup practices call for both on-site backups and off-site backups that are completely disconnected from your company’s networks. By storing your backups away from your business you greatly increase your ability to recover from a physical disaster or a cybersecurity attack.

At ETV Software, we can help implement a layered backup plan using a variety of on-site and off-site solutions and can help you restore your data from your backups should something go wrong.