A company meeting is in 30 minutes and your computer is just not cooperating with you. The I.T. Management request has been pending for over a month and you just want your tech issues fixed so you can do the job that you want to do. And now the excuses are piling up and your managers are seeing you as a low-effort worker. All because of a computer, software, or hardware issue that could have been fixed in minutes.


Third-party I.T. usually has a vast array of knowledge because they work in many different industries. From healthcare companies to financial institutions, they must be able to assess and adapt quickly. This leads to experience from many different areas that can help identify and resolve problems that internal I.T. staff may not always deal with or know how to handle. From a third-party perspective, we can objectively see what is working and what is not, and fix those issues immediately, in order for your business to run more efficiently and effectively. Which should be the end goal of any business at the end of the day.


ETV Software provides a timely, objective, technological solution that will help you and your business achieve the success it deserves. We have helped a plethora of clients from all different industries. We have an entire I.T. department that is dedicated to solving and managing any tech problem right at your fingertips. Simply give us a call at (903) 531-0377 for a free estimate.

We offer both on-site and remote support, and we look forward to working with you and your business!