Graphic design choices can be tough. Our designers will work with you to find the image that is right for your company. We design visually stunning logos and can incorporate your branding into just about any print project imaginable.

Whether you need graphic design and print services for your new business, or your current image simply needs an overhaul, we can design the look that is right for your business.

Graphic Design

Throw the old adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover” out the window – your company’s logo and branding image are the first thing potential customers see when deciding where to do business. People recall your business when they see your logo in various formats and mediums, so its important that your branding is highly consistent and easily recognizable. When we take on graphic design projects, we want to engage with you, find out what is important to you and your business – what concepts and colors do you think will best represent your company?

Of course, we are the experts – if the right concepts and colors aren’t coming to mind and you are unsure of which direction your graphic design project should go, we will provide you with the best customer service in East Texas. Its important to find a graphic design team that is capable of producing the high quality branding images and materials your business needs. The logo design and image you decide on will be the face of your company’s branding efforts for a minimum of the next 5 to 8 years. We value the input of our clients, and strive to work closely with you on graphic design projects. We want you to feel informed and involved throughout the process, and that engagement will help us do what we do best. Our designers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your company gets a look that you will be proud to stand by.

Business Cards

Brochures & Pamphlets


Signs & Banners


Branding & Logo Design

We designed and printed these mouse pads for our team and customers at ETV Software. They come in handy during conventions and events as a great promotional item. The top features what is known as a word cloud and is a graphical representation of everything we do at ETV Software. Of course, this is followed by our logo – our address, phone number, and website are at the bottom.

The layout and design are consistent with our company’s image and branding. The color scheme is an exact replication of the color scheme that is consistent with all of our other branding efforts. We used several layers in Adobe Illustrator to properly design and vectorize this project for print production. The ETV mouse pad has consistently been one of our most popular promotional items with customers at events and conventions.

We provide a lot of services so the design of these flyers needed to convey that. Our graphic design team was able to design these flyers for our marketing team to use as part of a promotional and informational packet that would show potential clients the many services that ETV Software offers, and how those services can benefit them.

The graphic design team created a bundle that encompasses all of our services such as Web Design, Digital Marketing, Computer Repair and Graphic Design. The overall look of these flyers and the informational marketing packets conforms with the branding and image of ETV Software, and they are printed on a high quality semi-gloss flyer paper.

ETV Software can produce a number of mediums and formats of print design. Window stickers, vinyl lettering, vehicle decals, vinyl wall clings, vinyl banners, flags, and table throws are some of the other items we commonly design for businesses throughout Texas, as well as our own.

When ETV Software relocated from downtown Tyler, Texas to our current midtown location, it came with many opportunities to “re-brand” our business and create a fresh, new face of ETV Software that would look great for years to come. We wanted to create a custom window sign that was simple, clean, and inviting for our storefront customers. The window signage consists of die-cut vinyl lettering which was designed, printed and installed by our graphic design team.


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