Back in May, we took a look at a report in which a security firm found critical flaws in a part of Intel CPUs designed to help large businesses more easily manage their hundreds or thousands of workstations. The flaw had the potential to let hackers take complete control over a target PC under the right circumstances.

Well, it’s happened again, Intel has released new information about a similar flaw in their most recent desktop and laptop processors. Worse, at the moment many manufacturers like HP and Dell haven’t yet released updates for all their systems. For the time being, your best bet is to have your IT staff go to Intel’s site and download the special testing tool that will tell you if your system is one of the many that still need a firmware update.

We often talk about viruses or ransomware, but flaws like this all the way at the direct processor level are some of the most dangerous vulnerabilities that can affect your PC. Even if you don’t use your computer for more than gaming or light office work, there’s a chance that someone will soon figure out how to exploit this new security hole remotely and your PC could easily end up figuratively and literally owned by some hacker an ocean away. This is one flaw you simply should not ignore.

If you need help determining if your systems are affected or need assistance in applying the update when it is released for your systems, ETV Software can help. Get in contact with us today!